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Open Your Heart - A Yoga and Reiki Retreat


Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2023 
From: 9:00am - 9:00pm


Early Bird Price (before Wed, 15 Mar): $245
Regular Price    (after Wed, 15 Mar):    $275


Preregistration deadline Wed, 22 Mar
Space is limited.


What is included:

  • 3 yoga sessions
  • Meditation session
  • A reiki talk
  • 2 Holy Love reiki experiences
  • Sound Healing session
  • Lunch & snacks
  • Souvenir gift
  • Optional Wine & Cheese Social at 9:00pm


Krista will introduce you to the concept of reiki energy, also known as yogic Prana or chi in the Chinese tradition, and how we can be a conduit for this life force in healing ourselves and others. She will lead us through two separate group reiki experiences harnessing the energy of Holy Love.

During our retreat we get to discover yoga tricks with Tatsiana that will help us to connect to our hearts: sound healing, special heart opening yoga poses, Loving Kindness meditation, work with affirmations, unique breathwork, very soothing and calming relaxation techniques, etc.

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