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Being part of It's All About You Yoga and More has brought such change and peace to my life. I am empowered because after Tanya's classes I feel stronger and more confident.. I feel healthier because we are always checking in with our selves. Inner reflection helps you to learn to listen to your body on and off the mat. I love her and her classes because it helps me to face my life with patience, love , strength, and vitality.

Thank you Tanya and IAAY.

Laura G.

Twice a week, I steadily climb the 23 familiar, well-worn wooden stairs to the yoga studio. Breathing in a tantalizing hint of incense, I contentedly visualize what awaits me: an active, healthy, peaceful transition from my busy work day, a time of breathing, stretching, and rejuvenating: yoga class. This time is for me. Tiny lights frame the huge old windows in this intimate comfortable room we share, offering a timeless view of the darkening western sky as we're drawn in together to sit, breathe, focus, and begin. We have each entered the zone, a ritual time of restoring, wellbeing, growth.

Tatsiana continually checks in with us to guide our poses, offering encouragement, support, and helpful modifications for our diverse abilities/conditions/ages/stages. I've learned how to ease lower back stiffness (I'm 60, with a laminectomy 10 years ago) each morning and during work breaks to keep my body working well. I'm acutely aware that my regular yoga prepares me for healthy physical activity, and keeps me flexible and ABLE to be active.

Last weekend, I appreciated this ritual yoga practice as I snowshoed 500 feet up Chimney Rock's snow-covered trail. Gazing at unbelievably beautiful views from the summit, I poised to let go of the security of a tree platform high in the canopy, to soar over deep canyons. I consciously started my yoga breathing to relax my body, focus, and begin. Completing 14 exhilarating zip lines, grounded again, I exulted in a boundless adrenalin rush; I felt aware, healthy, and alive. Could I possibly have more energy than when I started?

Yes – more energy – this is what yoga gives me! This time in the studio helps me have more energy than when I started. Tatsiana continually smiles as she encourages us to "smile about it" and the wellbeing resounding within me tells me my body IS smiling. With yoga, we become more aware; seek balance, stretch, and ohmmmm….concluding together, we softly acknowledge each other ('namaste') and then, still smiling with renewed energy, serenely descend the 23 stairs to settle out into the evening.

Laura M.

My Yoga story

For about three years my wife, Ginger had encouraged me to take Yoga classes due to my tight hips and sore groin muscles. I knew a number of friends (both men and women) who had been taking Yoga and they even talked about the benefits. But I continued to stay away for no good reason.

In September, 2011 I underwent prostate cancer surgery. In January, 2012, my surgeon suggested that I would see a Physical Therapist to aid me in my recovery. During my first P.T. session, my therapist remarked as to how tight I was and that my legs did not even lay flat on the exam table. She suggested that I should consider Yoga classes which would help both with stretching muscles and learning breathing/relaxation techniques.

The next week I joined Ginger for my first Yoga class with Tatsiana. I have been taking one to two classes each week since January, 2012. I no longer have groin pain and I have learned to relax and have become more aware of my breathing. I used to be very stiff after sitting for periods of time and especially driving for some distance. Since I have taken Yoga, I no longer have these issues.

I also have arthritis in my knees which limits the distance of some of the stretches that we do. However, with Yoga, there is no competition to be the best or like anyone else. You do what is comfortable and beneficial for yourself.

I do some Yoga at home (not as much as I should). There are times when I feel tired before Yoga and think – do I really want to go to class. Once I am there and doing Yoga – I become rejuvenated and refreshed and that tiredness disappears.

Yoga has been so good for me. My only regret is that I waited three years to give it a try. Tatsiana is a great teacher and very dedicated to all students. She continually offers help and suggestions to make Yoga as beneficial as possible to each student.

Leo D.

The hardest part of sharing the positive changes I've experienced after 2 years of yoga practice with Tatsiana is trying not to write too much about how my life has improved.

There are many types of yoga practice that each focus on something different - i.e., moving, holding poses, breathing, laughing, dancing, meditating, and chanting. We are very fortunate in tiny Baraboo that we have Tatsiana as our teacher who is able to offer us all of these methods.

Tatsiana Yoga ( let's give it a name) truly is all about the student because of the caring, compassionate, intuitive, loving and thoughtful instruction that is given to us in every class. Tatsiana understands that we have personal limitations, and reminds us to listen to our breath and to our bodies, and not to push past any point that might cause injury. The Yoga stays fresh and challenging as Tatsiana constantly presents new ways to help us develop inner calm.

I came to It's All About You studio after working at a desk job for 15 years. My flexibility was limited, my posture crooked, my shoulders hunched, my head hung down, and my breathing was shallow. Tatsiana encouraged me to start yoga classes and to do whatever I could during class, without comparing my abilities with the other students. The welcoming atmosphere of the classes and Tatsiana's gentle guidance kept me coming back. After 2 years, several people have told me how much younger I look, and I certainly feel better and have a much more positive attitude about myself and my future. My newfound relaxed breathing and muscle awareness also has helped me to feel more confident and minimize my stuttering.

I now encourage friends and relatives to start a yoga practice, and I certainly recommend that anyone living near Baraboo come and check out yoga with Tatsiana.

Michael H.

I am overweight and I went to Tatsiana's classes for several months. I always felt welcome and never felt judged for my weight. Tatsiana was very encouraging and helpful by giving me recommendations for modifying poses. If I still lived in Baraboo I'd keep going to It's All About You, yoga and more. I miss it!

Rachel S.

This place is my Zen!

I have attempted Yoga many times in my life, but really struggled to connect. During those times, practice was arduous for me and was somewhat of a dreaded "to do".

I happened into the studio completely on accident, and immediately felt drawn to the energy in this place. (thank you, Universe!) I began to take classes and for the first time in my life, my practice was no longer an attempt, or a "to do", but a much needed release and respite.

The classes are diverse and there is something for everyone, no matter what level, or what part of their journey they are at.

I am thankful for this place and all of the wonderful people who make this studio the highlight of my day. ❤️ namaste ❤️

Valerie M.