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Support It's All About You

How can you be a part of helping us out? Well here's a few ways...

Come to Class

The first and most important way you can support us is just by coming to class. We always love to see your bright, shiny, Yogic faces.

Spread the Word

The second way you can help out is by letting other people know about us and bringing new people to class. Free classes for both of you. =)

If you would like some of our business cards or flyers to give out or post we would be happy to provide them for you or you can download the flyers and print them out yourself. If you do post some of our flyers please let us know, so we know who to thank. ;)

Donate to Our Local Studio

Help Us Out

If you would like to donate just to support our studio you can do so through one of a few ways.

  1. You can just drop money into our donation box when it is out.
  2. You can donate online either through:
    1. PayPal
    2. MindBody Online

    See the below sections for more information.

Thank you for your consideration and your support.

Donate Through PayPal

You can click the below PayPal link to donate if you would like to donate:

We do receive notification of these donations.

Donate Through MindBody Online

You can donate to us by logging into your Mindbody Online account and then go to the Retail tab and then purchase any amount of the products labeled: 'Donation to Studio'. We have 4 denominations ($1, $10, $50, $100).

We do NOT receive notification of these donations, so if you would like us to know or if you would like to verifiy that it went through, just let ask.

Tell Us What You Think

Contact us or tell us in person how your class or class room was, or if you have a suggestion about a new class or class location, advertising, or anything else that comes to minds. If that does not appeal to you, then you could also fill out one of our surveys if you already have not done so.