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Classes: General Schedule and Pricing

New Student Package: 30 Days for $30 (general classes only)

Donation Events

  • donation events are cancelled for now

Meet and Greet?

For those of you who are Yoga curious, or who may feel shy, or may just have questions that you would like to have answered we can arrange for a ~20 minute meeting with one of our instructors. The most convenient times for us would be just following one of our classes. If you would like to schedule a Meet and Greet for a different time that can be arranged as well. To schedule a Meet and Greet just contact us.

3 Outside Classes

This summer we have 3 outside

2 Sunrise Yoga Classes being held at Devil's Lake.

And the other outside classes are being held a:

Mary Rountree Evens Park
701 Second Avenue Baraboo  53913

Online Classes

We are still having classes held online through Zoom.

In-Person Classes

In-person classes are starting. Check out our schedule for those. On the schedule you will see both the in-person class which will be listed with just the name of the class, and the online class will have (online) after it's class name like normal. We will still try to stream some of our classes too, so you can have both options for classes depending on how you are feeling.

Notes for In-Person Classes:

  • Vaccinated Students - masks are recommended, but not mandatory
  • Non-Vaccinated Students - masked are required or you can still attend our online classes
  • DO NOT come to the studio if you have even slight signs of being sick or not feeling well.
  • Bring Your Own Mat and Props - Please bring your own mats and props. If you need to buy some we have some for sale too. If you need to use ours they will be sanitized as well as we can.
  • Class Sizes
    • Classes that are in-person only will be limited to 12 people
    • Classes that are both In-person/Online will be limited to 10 people.
    • Mindbody has a waitlist function in case classes start getting full.

Our YouTube Channel

You should also take a look at the YouTube channel which currently quite a few videos, with more coming out each month.

Check it out: It's All About You on YouTube

Class Schedule